Hand Therapies

Hand therapy is a specialized area of therapy that focuses on treating conditions and injuries affecting the hand, wrist, and forearm. It is a type of therapy that combines elements of occupational therapy and physiotherapy to provide comprehensive treatment. This therapy aims to improve hand and upper limb function, reduce pain and discomfort, and enhance the overall quality of life for patients.

Hand therapy typically begins with an evaluation by a qualified hand therapist. The therapist will assess the patient’s condition, including range of motion, strength, and functional abilities. They may also use diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or MRIs, to better understand the underlying cause of the patient’s symptoms.

Occupational therapy focuses on helping individuals regain their ability to perform everyday activities or “occupations” after an injury, illness or disability. Occupational therapists utilize a variety of techniques to help improve hand function, such as exercises, splinting, and adaptive equipment.

Physiotherapy, on the other hand, uses a range of techniques to help alleviate pain and restore function, such as manual therapy, exercise, and electrotherapy.

Together, occupational therapy and physiotherapy can provide a comprehensive approach to hand therapy. Depending on the patient’s condition, treatment may include a combination of therapeutic exercises, splinting, and manual therapy. The therapist may also incorporate modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation to help reduce pain and inflammation.

For patients with conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or tennis elbow, occupational therapy may focus on developing strategies to reduce stress on the hands and wrists during daily activities. This can include educating patients on proper body mechanics and recommending ergonomic changes to workstations.

For patients recovering from surgery or an injury, physiotherapy may focus on reducing pain and inflammation and restoring range of motion and strength through exercises and manual therapy.Overall, hand therapy is an important aspect of rehabilitation for individuals with hand, wrist, and forearm conditions. By incorporating both occupational therapy and physiotherapy approaches, hand therapy can help patients regain their hand function, reduce pain, and improve their overall quality of life. Book in with one of our therapists to find out whether this is something you may benefit from.